Olufunmi Remix featuring DaCapo


When I stop to think,that you wont be there to smile when I wink
I wont be there to see you dressed in all pink
when I blink and you're not there my hearts gonna sink
I cant sleep cant eat can't drink
When I think of you gone
A big part of my lifes all torn
in pieces and Jesus, I must have mixed right for wrong
For you to come I'll be twice as nice
I can't stand to pay the price c'mon
I'll do anything to see you come back to me
Dont leave me alone
I'm in need of a home and a girl I'm a live with happily
Together, matter of fact we be, like the fruit from an apple tree
So I'm 'a plead you to come back
Me and you is where the funz at
We both know that we love that
We've been there we've done that
but we both still got a lot left to track c'mon

Olufunmi ooo
Ma pa mi lekun ooo
Mase fimi sile lai lai
Durotimi ooo
Olufunmi o


Girl you cant do this to me
Your whole crew is in for me
They try to make u realise
We're both too simply too tight
They kind of know its smooth right
From a distance they know our love is like a boom mic
And I'd hate to loose my only date to choose
Even Gods creations are'll made in twos
So I say were cruise into the way we're supposed to be
girl you know you've gotta flow with me
And so we be the greatest lovers around
We can make a new whole world together
And be loving it now
We can take our love straight to the top
Maintain the same game forever while were making it hot
So dont try to think of breaking up
'Cos I can make it up to you
With all the love I stuff for you
In the middle of my thugs and crew
I still plead for you to stay with me
'Cos Im in love with you,c'mon


I could stay a whole week
without you no sleep
I figured cos my thots go deep
Thinkin about you
And bringing my heart to the state of mind
Where i know that I'm beginning to woo you
Where its my plea to get you right with me
And I'll wait for you to come cos you truly fit me
and stay together through the weather like Bob and Whitney
An then we shine like the rims of a silver Bentley
You know I never loved no other like you
To hug a mother might do
It will make me show my hearts broken in two
I'll give my life as a token for you
You might not know that I'm choked up
But men Im still choking it thru
You're my wife to be
And what you is, is what Id like to see
Come girl give your life to me
And Im a fight for the right to be your only man
and if I gotta fight then I'll fight for free.

When I think about you leaving I find myself grieving
Though it seems deceiving I'm still believing girl you'll stay with me forever
And I'll remain humbly kneeling while your heart is healing
Tear drops revealing the way that I'm feeling girl please stay with me forever


"Olufunmi (rmx)" lyrics