Love is all we need, each and every day
Love can make the world go around
So love in your own little way

Usen nka sanga de ke usung Mkpo sen kud osiongo mi mmong eyet,
Mo owo inyeneke okuk inyeneke okuk Mo owo fen ete top eduok,
Mbup idan mi nsidi answer to our problem (oh) x 5
but indughe answer nyom question,
Nigeria where have we kept our

Ima oh ima ima ah ima eh ima oh (2x)

Love love show them love, show love

Usen nka sanga de ke usung,
Mkpo sen kud osiongo mi mmong eyet eyen eka mi inyeneke mmong inyeneke udya,
mo owo fen ete top eduok
mbup idem nu inside answer to our problems (oh) x 5
but idughe answer nyom question,
Nigeria when will we find our

Many a time we try but we cannot decide
if we wanna be nice to the poor
and the weak people inside of our world,

Times running out so you gotta to decide,
will you be near to care, when they need you to hold someone,
will you be there or will you leave all the poor people inside of our world,
think about it people cos you gotta be there with your.

We can stand among the angels,
we can spread our wings and fly
with our hands we'll touch the heavens
we no longer need to cry
if we show our Ima.

"Ima" lyrics