Yarin ya na ki ka wo haske na (2x)

There are tears in my eyes I wonder why, my hearts still cries,
when all along I thought that my feelings had died
and though I tried I can't deny the pain inside; g
irl I know they only wanted us apart, me to break your heart
that's why they said you were cheating, sleeping with another guy,
I shoulda known it was a lie now I’m paying the price.

Hadiza my girl, kariya sun ce mun,
gaskiya ne baby you took away my sunshine.
Hadiza my girl, ki kadai zai bani haske so baby
bring back my sunshine.

Yarin ya na ki ka wo haske na baby baby

There's a pain in my heart, cos we're apart,
my world is dark, I wonder if your soul has the same kind of scar,
that shows you are alone and far like a lonely star.
Girl I know I don't deserve another chance,
but I’m grateful in advance, please hear my voice
interceding, pleading on behalf of my heart
that we make a brand new start, baby bring back the spark.

Still have dreams of us, small house
3 kids space wagon bus and a little dog that poos on the couchy
do it on the rug and you get grouchy,
I’m not a man that makes fuss
I’m not a player not the kinda guy to swear and curse,
I’m not careless baby girl I’m sure
I’m not jealous may be just a little insecure
girl I shoulda known they were hating us, I shoulda read between the lines
before I betrayed your trust. I shoulda asked you,
shouldn't have been so quick to harass you;
now girl, you’ve taken away my sunshine,
now girl people say I’m gonna lose my mind,
now girl I really need you right now girl bring back my sunshine.

Now girl my heart is aching, aching for your love
flowing through my body side by side with my blood.
My world has started breaking turning into dust
we were holding it together you and I  with our love,
ki kadai can teach me to smile again
ki kadai, can reach me and make life worthwhile again
ki kadai, are truly mine
ki kadai can make me shine.

"Hadiza" lyrics