Always on my mind

Though I travel far and wide, you’re always on my mind
baby both day and night oh oh ooh oh,
And though the stormy weathers strive
still my love will never die baby,
it’ll be alive oh oh ooh oh babe;

Girl my gratitude, for your gentle attitude
I can not show to you but girl I appreciate the magnitude
of your sensitivity, to my inability to be there for you,
to care for you, my responsibility oh oh oh oh baby,
you know I only care about the way you feel lady,
queen of my heart, you are my world honey,
the reason that I really wanna make money,
so I cannot be around.

Girl my sanity, lies in the humanity,
that you show to me cos only me, without you is vanity,
when I sit and meditate on you, my feelings levitate
so you can call on me, I’m all you need,
don’t you ever hesitate oh oh oh oh baby.
I know you wonder if I’m really worth the wait lady,
I’m your afraid, please understand honey,
I only need sometime to make a little money and
so I cannot be around;

Girl I know you think I’ve defected,
makes you wonder if you’re protected,
kills me to see you dejected, that girl must be corrected,
you need not be subjected to me and my selected,
lifestyle but since you’re elected me girl don’t feel rejected;
have no fear, cos I’m gonna be around,
and I’m gonna be the one to dry your tears,
whenever there are stormy weathers I’ll be near.
So you’ll never have a doubt
and you’ll never be afraid that I can’t hear you, when you call my name
oh oh oh oh.

Always on my mind lyrics