Imagine that

Everybody move your body now, forget about the blue day. Everybody move your body now, tomorrow is a good day.

Imagine that, afi gba to se dan dan pe kose mo, imagine that, pelu gbogbo ife ti moti fi fun imagine that, kilon fe ko sele simi to balo imagine that, to balo imagine that, imagine that, imagine that.

Every time I try to settle down and have a wife, every time I fail to make them smile and every time I try not to make them cry they turn and say good bye. The very first girl, really had the worst words for me, she told me I was such a looser, and that’s why she was gonna break up with me everybody can you;

Tell me why my sun must always darken unto rain, tell me why my heart must feel such pain, and why it so hard for me to explain, the way my soul feels drained. The very last girl said she knew I’d be ashamed of her, she said that I should please forgive her but that she was having another man’s baby girl, everybody can you.

Ol’omo ge orekelewa kan  ti mo feran, ti mo feran denu denu lati nu okan me, sugbon la ikpae lo, ife re simi, okan okanbe obe ojo meta ati abo. Se dan dan ni, for her to go, se dan dan ni, for her to leave me alone se dan dan ni for her to break my heart se dan dan ni for her to take me back to the start.

"Imagine that" lyrics