Don’t wanna see you again

I was mad about you baby, till the day I found a letter in your bag and then I started going crazy all I needed was full-time girl, but you really were a two timing shameless lady. Reminiscing on the time I shoulda listened when they told me you were shady, now I’m looking at the letter he wrote you wherever he wrote from it’d better be close cos.

One, two, I’ve packed your bags for you, three, four, remember to close the door when you leave five, six I’m gonna sing it again in the remix, that seven, eight, nine, ten, I don’t wanna see you again.

Girl you only wanna use me, take my money to your honey so the two of you can wag it and abuse me, forever standing in the front door way forever telling me that you were feeling too sick to follow me to all gigs and all the places that we used to play our music, now I know that you were never alone girl, whenever at home from the letter he wrote so; The letter he wrote said RAP. Baby girl you’re the pearl in my material would your wonderful curves, make a mess of all my nerves choose a 4 wheel cruiser, take it from me baby girl, you’re hanging with a looser, you’re man’s no good, com’on even you know, leaving you at home alone, believing you would stay so, does he really make you feel the way, that I can make you feel whenever he’s way of course not baby girl and I’m really sure you know it. I’m waiting for the day that you’ll be bold enough to show it, until then, my sweet little kitten keep this letter safety hidden.

"Don't wanna" lyrics