Call My Name

Yeah, brand new from Styl-Plus crew
Picture this: one girl two glasses and a table for two.
What would you do?

Verse 1
I was sitting in a corner babe, you were sitting in another corner sitting at a table for two Response: Ooh yeah babe x3
The waiter brought your order babe, champagne, two glasses for nobody but you
Response: Ooh yeah babe x3
Then I saw you whisper, to the waiter mister, and I thought you were talking about me, baby

Chorus Ooh babe, ooh babe, can I pour your wine ooh babe I heard a whisper of my name {whisper of my name} did you call my name
say baby did you call my name

repeat chorus
did you call me?

Verse 2
Nearly twenty minutes after babe, I'm beginning to imagine the reason you haven't yet moved.
Response: Ooh yeah babe x3
The waiter hasn't called me babe, maybe he's forgotten, maybe you want me to make the first move.
Response: Ooh yeah babe x3
So I approach your table, until I'm able, to whisper so no one can hear, baby


{my name is Tunde}did you call my name.

I'm coming to get you, to get you

Verse 3
leaning forward toward to your ear, I can catch the stimulating fragrance of your hair,
my feelings to tell me its all good to take my place in front of you ooh yeah babe, ooh yeah baby,
I say to myself, I knew right from the start, knew right then baby
until suddenly, I hear a deep voice from behind: baby I'm sorry that I took so long.


It is funny how time flies, when you're waiting for the mega-fly-girlfriend's guy to walk by/
Champagne that was never my game, I was only gonna get down cos she called my name, of which/
I'd never act so damn lame and ditch, my three homeboys for a dame and rich glass of a girl's champagne and switch tables/
Feel us downing Irish cream and tequilas,/
Me and my home boys, said what the deal is,/
Its only just a honey, maybe looking for the money for the tall glass of champagne, and so the deal is,/
I got to go and bail her out, before she gets treated like an area tout,/
You also got to get a perfect line,/
yeah, ask her if you can pour her wine, c'mon!


"Call my name" lyrics